Our Global Brand: SmartSilver™

SmartSilver™ is a brand of antimicrobial additives created by NanoHorizons in collaboration with leading manufacturers in the medical, apparel and household goods industries. Silver is a natural antimicrobial. That means that microbes can’t survive in the presence of silver ions. Silver ions released from the surface of silver molecules, however, are harmless to people. The best way to inhibit the growth of unwanted microbes is to generate a protective layer of silver ions. That’s exactly what SmartSilver does. And because SmartSilver additives are designed to bind at the molecular level, SmartSilver protection doesn’t wash out. It doesn’t wear off. It doesn’t get diluted or neutralized through normal use. It keeps working as it was designed to work for as long as the product exists.

While some antimicrobial treatments can only be applied to certain products at a certain point in the manufacturing process, or can drastically change the characteristics of the finished product, SmartSilver performance requires no such compromises. It is integration-ready, works invisibly and safely, and provides an antimicrobial protection unmatched in the marketplace for a wide variety of products. SmartSilver-enhanced garments stay fresh and odor-free for the life of the garment. Foam and laminates protected by SmartSilver resist bacteria that can cause odor and material degradation. Coatings and finishes built with SmartSilver protection prevent the growth of microbes and mildew. Hospital bedding that incorporates SmartSilver additives effectively inhibit the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria. Only products that show true performance under real-world conditions are certified to carry the SmartSilver name.  

The active ingredient in SmartSilver additives is EPA registered as a materials preservative. SmartSilver is also Oeko-Tex approved, compliant with EU Biocidal Products Directives. For more detailed information on SmartSilver and its applications, visit www.smartsilver.com

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