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August 1, 2013 - NanoHorizons Wins PA Nanomaterials Commercialization Grant

July 27, 2011 - NanoHorizons Wins National Science Foundation Grant more


Looking for unmatched antimicrobial protection?

Our global antimicrobial brand, SmartSilver, is EPA-registered, Oeko-Tex® approved, and entirely produced and supported in the USA.

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Our Company

NanoHorizons combines science and technology to invent, design, and manufacture advanced nanoparticles that provide permanent, safe, effective, and economical antimicrobial protection in a variety of products.

We are unique in the manufacture of proprietary chemical additives that allow our customers to easily, safely, and cost-effectively integrate our materials within their products for highly durable antimicrobial protection without impacting other product features.

Our talented and highly skilled employee base is dedicated to quality products, environmental stewardship, regulatory adherence, and responsible manufacturing processes as key attributes of our solutions.

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